We bring our experience, reliable services, and responsive support. You bring the content. The two combined will be unstoppable.

Business Website Hosting

Your site is the world's doorway to your business, hobby, or personal content. Our servers are the pathways to your site. The internet is the tubes connecting it all.


Our Business Shared hosting supports Wordpress, Joomla, and many other popular scripts installed via auto installers. 


Our control panel offers a Wordpress and Joomla Toolkit to help you manage your Wordpress and Joomla instances.  Servers are optimized for Wordpress and you can change PHP settings as needed.


Static Sites and Site Builder

You like simple things, we like simple things. Static / HTML only sites are easy to maintain with software on your computer and you upload when ready.


Use the built-in Site Builder to build your site using templates and an interface similar to a word processing software.


Benefits of Static Sites


  • No updates of code to apply or keep maintained
  • Faster page loading times
  • Less resource usages, leading to more potential visitors at less cost to you

Reliable Services

All hosting services run on reliable servers using enterprise grade hardware.   Unlike other hosts, we do not pack our servers and always keep performance in mind when selecting the optimal capacity.  This allows for sudden bursts in activity to be handled without a hit to your services.


We publicly publish our uptime, service statues, and service notices on our site for transparency.  Other hosts will hide their these details behind logins.


Servers are monitored around the clock by multiple monitoring systems.  Loads, memory, IO, network traffic, etc are monitored to ensure bursting is possible.


We own the hardware your sites would be ran on as well as manage them ourselves. This allows us to dictate how services are operated, ensures performance

Support and Experience

Client support is an important part of a service company. We strive to provide you with responsive and quality support. We read your tickets and focus on resolving them on the first reply without sacrificing quality of support.  We strive for fast turn-around times when replying to tickets and answering other forms of communications with us. 


You will never be just another number in our systems.


We have been in operation since 2008 with management in the industry since 2003. All support staff have multiple years in the industry.  Our experience comes with an understanding of what you need and expect from us.