Privacy Policy


We respect the privacy and information of our clients.  We will never sell, rent, lease, or otherwise provide your information to third parties not authorized in this privacy policy.  At times we may need to share account specific info (usernames, web site addresses) with our service partners in order to fulfill services.  Personal information is not collected / required as part of a simple visit to our site, however, that information may be collected during other interactions to our site's ordering processes, ticket opening, and other communications.


What we collect:


  • Personal and financial information such as first and last name, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, credit card, paypal, or check information for contact and billing purposes
  • Account information such as usernames, domains (website address), or other service related information
  • Web visit information such as Internet addresses (IPs), time on the site, referrer, any search engine result, browser versions, and other visit related information
    • Web visit information is not provided to any third party


How we collect the information:

  • Access logs, otherwise known as visitor logs
  • Web page forms such as but not limited to:
    • Registration
    • Contact forms
    • Ticket forms
    • Other service related forms
  • Cookies for tracking on the site -- these cookies are not for tracking at other sites no will we ever do that


How we use the information

  • We use the personal information for billing and contact (tickets, email, phone, etc)
  • We use the account information to provide the services ordered
  • We use visit information for web statistics and to see how visitors use our site and where they came from to get to our site


Who we provide this information to:


  • We provide personal information to our billing partners, domain registration provider(s), anti-fraud scanners, merchant gateways, and other payment related providers.  Those providers generally have the same or higher privacy policy as our own.
  • We may provide account information to service partners in the course of troubleshooting, ticket resolution, or other service related requirement. Those providers generally have the same or higher privacy policy as our own.
  • Where required by law, we may provide information to authorities such as law enforcement but only by court order

We do not publicly disclose what vendors or providers we use for our own security as otherwise it makes data mining quite easy.  Upon request from a registered client, we may provide you with links (hyperlinks, urls, other browsable material) to the above mentioned third parties.


Data Security

  • Security of your information is provided by encryption of the data that is stored on secured servers in a certified secured datacenter. 
  • Employees are required to sign nondisclosure agreements
  • Information databases are only accessible by specific, manager level, employees
  • Staff are required to use second factor authentication for billing system logins
  • Staff are required to keep their computers secured at all times and only authorized persons using them
  • Staff are required to maintain secure passwords for their billing logins