Built-In Reliability​


  • Multiple nodes spread among different data centers ensures incoming mail is received
    • 99.99% SMTP Uptime SLA
  • High spam catch rate
  • Low false positives
  • Constantly updated against new spam outbreaks
  • Use any SMTP mail server at any host as your destination mail server

Email is an important part of business life and spam can be a distraction from that life as you wade through all the different pill offers, phishing, adult type content, and so much more unwanted email -- otherwise known as spam.


With our anti-spam filtering, powered by SpamExperts, take back control of your inbox and stop the flow of those unwanted, junk, and spam emails.


A 99.99% SMTP Uptime SLA is provided via a multi-node cluster that is both geographicaly separated and data center angostic. This ensures that if one data center has a critical outage, which is rare as is, mail is still received at another location.  

SpamExperts Overview

SpamExperts is an enterprise grade email filtering system that sits between the Internet and your mail server.   Once a message is classified as clean, that message is then relayed to the destination (your) mail server.  


spamExperts has a low false postiive rate with a high spam catching rate. 


Stop virues, malware, phishing, and other malious attacks from even reaching your mail server.  New outbreaks are detected and updated in real time for immediate protection against new threats. 

Quarantine, Logs, and Training

With the built-in quarantine, a message that is caught can be found and released for delivery.  A daily report can be sent to each mailbox detailing any mail that is caught and available for release for that day. 


Logs can be easily searched to find out if a message was received and filtered or delivered.  Logs can be searched for a variety of items from time, sender, sender's server, and even which filtering server the message was delivered on to.


Training of spamExperts can be done with a variety of methods:

  • Forwarding of message
  • Uploading via control panel
  • IMAP access to spamExperts for easy uploading of non-spam and spam messages as well as seeing what mail has been caught



Mail Destinations

Destinations, the mail server, are were mail will be delivered.  They can easily be changed and it is an instant change.  Migrating to different mail servers can be seamlessly done by simply changing the destinations.  No propagation delay, near instant change of mail servers.  And no one outside your company would know where mail is actually delivered and this increases mail security. 

Whitelist and Blacklisting

You can easily create whitelisting and blacklisting rules to allow or block:

  • Messages with specific content and subject
  • Specific senders and receivers
  • Etc

Daily Protection Report

Each day you can receive an emailed report with the latest caught spam messages.  This helps if you are expecting a message but have not yet received it and suspect it was caught in the anti-spam filter. 


The daily report also offers options to release the message and to help train the system to prevent similar mail from being caught. 

Remote Syslog

Do you use a syslog for centralized logging?  With spamExperts you can have filter logs related to your domains sent to your syslog system.