Business Website Hosting


  • Configure traffic, Storage, CPU, RAM, and IO limits during sign up to make your plan.

  • Add webspaces to isolate sites from each other within the same account interface.

  • 1 Staging Webspace -- for testing before throwing the switch on site changes

  • Concurrent MySQL Connections: 30 per database user -- not customizable

  • CloudLinux or cgroups account resource controls

  • inode / File Count Limits: none

  • Responsive support - less than 30 minute reply times with focus on first reply resolution.

  • 99.9% Uptime SLA

Standard Features

  • AMD EPYC CPUs for best performance possible
  • NVMe SSDs for fastest file access possible
  • Servers are not packed / oversold and have plenty of resources for bursting
  • PHP 5.6 - 7.2 - with php-fpm with at least 1 idle worker
  • Git Publishing and Git Repo Hosting
  • Node.js instances
  • Apache 2.4 as backend web server
  • Nginx for frontend webserver and options to be backend web server
  • DNS with DNSSEC support
  • IPv6 supported
  • Let's Encrypt SSLs - free https://
  • MySQL powered by MariaDB
  • Daily backups of site files and every 3 hours for databases. Backups are kept for at least 15 days.

Our servers support Wordpress and Joomla out of the box. They can be easily installed with a few clicks and completely automated. 


We offer a Toolkit within the control panel to help you manage your instances of Wordpress or Joomla.


PHP settings, max memory etc, are set high by default and can be increased easily via the control panel. 

Unlimited Resources and Hidden Limits?


Unlike other hosts that offer "unlimited space" or other unlimited resources and then limit you within their terms of service, we offer sensible limits that most clients would not reach.  We show all the resource limits of your account up front and you can always adjust (most) of them as needed.  We further show stats of your usages within the control panel. 


We think offering services in this manner keeps eveyrone on the same page and as a result we do not have to hide limits.

Responsive Support


In the service industry customer service / support is key to a great customer experience. Support is one of our main focuses. Support will read your tickts and reply with helpful information and not predefined (scripted) replies. Response times are usually 30 minutes or less with critical tickets receiving faster replies. We are hand holding friendly.


With multiple years of industry experience being the average among staff, we know what you need when you ask for it.  If we do not know the answer, research will be done to find so that your question or issue will be resolved.

Support Duties - brief list


  • Help with setting up services
  • Answering question on how to do an action within the control panel, stats, etc
  • Resolving questions about third party scripts
  • Helping with service outages / issues
  • Resolving any service related questions that you may have
  • And any question at all about hosting and other services


Webspaces isolate one site from another site within the same account. Webspaces can hold multiple sites. Isolation is from the top down from server resources (CPU, RAM, IO) to file system isolation. Each webspace has their own server resource settings, so one can have more IO or RAM. With this setup, one of your sites can not affect another of your sites. All within the same interface and no logging in at multiple interfaces. You can add webspaces at any time for an additional fee.


Staging Area

The included staging area uses a separate webspace to isolate your testing area from your production area. The staging webspace is used for testing of your site's code before you put it on the production site. You can then either use the built-in site copy tools or upload normally to the production webspace.


Our shared Linux web servers offer PHP 5.6, 7.0-7.4, and 8. PHP is ran via PHP-FPM with at least 1 idle worker. Each site runs in their own FPM pool, which allows for a quick first load, separate object caches, and more workers per site. Because there is always at least one idle worker, PHP has no initialization time seen with fastcgi.


PHP allows you to use site script such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other scripts including your own developed PHP scripts.

PHP-FPM Configuration

  • PHP-FPM Process Manager (pm): Dynamic
  • PHP-FPM Start Workers: 1
  • PHP-FPM Max Workers: 5 - contact us if you need more
  • PHP-FPM idle Workers: 1
  • Socket Type: unix socket -- only readable / writable by the site's user for security

PHP.ini Default Configuration, per visit / script load

Customize to fit your needs via the control panel or .user.ini file

  • Memory Limit: 128 MB
  • Max Execution time: 60 Seconds
  • Max Post Size: 100 MB
  • Max Upload Size: 90 MB
  • OPcache: ON

Script Auto-installer


Install Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and other popular scripts in minutes using our script auto-installer. Manage and update applications within the auto-installer. Find supported installed applications for management.

MySQL powered by MariaDB


MySQL is powered by MariaDB, which improves MySQL with faster performance, provides multiple storage engines built-in, and allows for scaling of database servers.

MariaDB is open source in all aspects, unlike MySQL that has closed source parts.


Use phpMyAdmin available in the control panel to work with your database structure and content.


MySQL Limits

Concurrent Connections: 30

A few features

  • One click publishing
  • Preview changes before publishing
  • Layout elements with drag and drop easy
  • Over 190 Templates to start from
  • Add social media content
    • Twitter Feeds
    • Linkedin Feeds
    • Facebook Comments, Likes, etc
  • eCommerce - Shopping cart with with multiple payment gateways:
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Skrill
    • Braintree
    • ...and others
  • Or use a browsing type store for visitors to browse and then contact you via the built-in contact form
  • Format text similar to a word processor
  • Picture Gallery with Image library for easy selection
  • Built-in help tutorials with slide shows

Site Builder


Create a site without knowing any HTML, CSS, or javascript and you will not have to know what those are. Move around elements with drag and drop easy. Work with text as if you were using a word processor. Create sites that look great on mobile. Add pictures to pages with a couple clicks. Then preview your changes and publish the site. All without leaving the site builder interface.


A site builder takes the place of web design software and runs on our servers so that it is available any where for that quick update you need done.

The site builder publishes directly to your storage area, so you can download the files for your own backups.

Plesk - Control Panel

We use Plesk for our website hosting control panel. Plesk's user interface is easy to navigate and has built-in help documents on almost every page. Its built-in file manager allows you to upload and edit files, archive folders, rename files / folders, change permissions, etc. Resource usages are also displayed, so you know exactly what you are using.

GIT - version control

Ever wondered what code you changed 5 days ago but not could not recall all the changes?  With version control via git, you can see all changes that where commited, who commited the change, and when via your git supported design software.


With Git publishing, you can use a Git repository hosted remotely, like on GitHub , or on our web server and have changes automatically published to your site when you push changes to the repo.


With Git repo (repository) hosting, you can store your Git repos on our web server and start using version control.

Nginx - Front-end web server


Nginx is a front end web server that connects to the backend web processes such as PHP or Apache. Nginx handles caching of any content to make site loads as fast as possible. Nginx handles requests of static content (javascript files, style sheet files, etc) faster than Apache and thus is configured out of the box to do so.


Nginx is setup to support HTTP/2.



http/2 is a major revision of the protocol that the web is driven by. The last revision, 1.1, was released in 1997! http/2 evolves http by utilizing one connection for every page load instead of one connection for every page element (images, css, js). And with one connection, multiple simultaneous requests can occur. Thus http/2 is more efficient than http/1.1.



Node.js brings JavaScript to the server side with event-driven processing to produce dynamic, lightweight, and fast sites.


Use Node.js to pull content from a database without any PHP requests. Push content updates to visitors in real time.


Use a Node.js Content Management System to replace similar systems developed with PHP, such as Wordpress or Joomla.

Why Business Shared Hosting?

A properly managed shared hosting server allows sites to have more resources available to them without the complexity of running your own server.  Instead of managing your own server, let us handle the server while you focus on the content. 


Since we do not pack our servers, they have room for the occasional burst of activity.  We monitor all aspects of the server performance to ensure there are no bottlenecks to slow down services.


Other hosts pack servers with as many customers as possible and hope not all sites have activity at the same time.  This usually causes more issues that requires constant contacting of their support. 

Reliable Servers

Our servers use enterprise grade hardware from Dell or other well known server manufactures. All server hardware parts are enterprise grade from the power supply to the hard drives and RAID controller. Hard drives are hot swappable, so that if a drive fails it can be changed out without downtime.


Services are backed by a 99.9% Monthly Uptime SLA. We publish uptime reports pubically for transparency.


We own our server hardware and manage them ourselves.

Rebootless Kernel Updates

The kernel is the captian of the operating system and everything flows through the Kernel. As such, keeping it updated against security threats is important and so is keeping uptime at the maximum possible levels.


KernelCare allows us to update (patch) the kernel without requiring a reboot of the server. At times the updates provided can arrive faster than from the operating system's developers and those still require a reboot.

Security and Firewalls

WAF and File Scanners

Web Application Firewall (WAF) uses a mix of custom, open source, and commercial rule sets. These rules check content and other web requests for malicious activity.  Rule sets are updated constantly to address the always changing landscape of security.


We use multiple anti-virus / malware scanners with different definition databases from different sources.

Server Firewall

Our server based firewall has automatic intrusion detection (IDS), failed login blocking to stop bruteforce attacks, DoS and DDoS detection and blocking.  We use multiple blacklists to prevent known attackers from even reaching your site(s).  Firewall watches for any abnormal activity and blocks repeat offenders. 

File System Security

CageFS isolates a webspace's (your) files from other webspaces using a virtual file system called a chroot or jail. each webspace uses their own CageFS instance. This prevents another account reading your files or even knowing you are on the server. Even different webspaces in your account can not read other webspaces in your account.


SElinux provides security contexts so that users can not access files they should not have access to. This provides an additional file system security separate from CageFS. We keep SElinux enabled, where possible, while other hosts disable it as their standards.



All servers are backed up at least once a day using a Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup system. Backups are kept for 15 days and archived weekly. Databases are backed up every 3 to 4 hours. We also encourge the use of available backup tools to create your own backups.

Need email hosting?   Contact us for email hosting options. 


If you are a current client on a different (or older) platform, contact us to find out options of switching without pricing changes.