Business Email Hosting

Email is an important communication method with your clients, vendors, colleagues, and friends.  In today's age, without email, you could miss out on that important notification, invite, or even bill notice.


Use your own domain, for instance, so you never need to change your email address again. 


Reliability built-in

We strive to make our email services reliable by using clusters of servers that handle different parts of the overall service.  We continually monitor the services for any issues as well as maintain a strict no spamming policies to avoid being blocked at other email providers.  Outgoing mail is passed through anti-spam filters before it leaves the network to help further prevent being blocked.

Standard Features

  • Mailboxes storage starting at 2 GB and up to 15 GB without message limits

  • Mailbox access via:

    • IMAP

    • POP3

    • Webmail

  • Outgoing mail via SMTP on standard ports

  • Clean IPs -- no longer be blocked or sent to junk

    • We filter all outbound mail to prevent being blocked at other services

    • Multiple outbound mail gateways further helps prevent being blocked or sent to the junk folder

  • Easy mail client configuration

    • Auto configuration on Thunderbird and Outlook

    • Always one server address, entry point, to use no matter how many domains or mailboxes you have spread out among our mail cluster

    • Standard mail ports and settings

  • TLS support at all points of entry and exit from our mail services ensures your message's security while in transit.


Advanced Features

  • Message filtering - filter a message to a specific folder for better organization or trash it completely. - Plan dependent
  • DKIM signing and checking - on request
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-virus provided by either a Spamassassin cluster or Spamexperts
  • Share mailboxes and folders with others - Plan dependent
  • Folder message retention and automatic message deletion at message specified age