Service Monitoring

Service or Site Monitoring

Do you know if your site is up or down?  Do you know how often your site was down last month?  With our service monitoring, we'll watch your services and let you know if your site, mail, or database services are down. You can also monitor any other service that can be connected to remotely.   Site monitoring can also detect if a site has been defaced.

  • Receive alerts when your site is down and back up
  • Receive alerts if your site has been hacked
  • Track uptime of your services to know if you are getting the uptime SLA offered by your hosting company

Reactive Monitoring

Sometimes monitoring isn't enough, so we offer reactive service monitoring.  When our monitoring detects a problem, we'll try to resolve it.  From an error in a script to a service being down, we'll do our best to get it back up.  If it is a datacenter / server provider issue we will contact them and work with them on the problem for you.

  • All the features of service monitoring
  • Resolving the site or service issue in a timely manner
  • Work with datacenter or service provider for you to resolve issue if needed

* Reactive service monitoring requires Server Admin or Webmaster services also

* On shared hosting servers, we would contact the hosting provider for you if it is a service related issue.  We need to be on file as a authorized contact with the hosting provider, otherwise they will not discuss any issues with us.